Is Your Business Ready For Tomorrow?

IoT Solutions To Boost Performance & Profitability

With the arrival of low-cost sensors and the Internet, keeping track of your assets, products, and operations has never been easier.

The Internet of Things has revolutionised every industry that has adopted it. From food production, to equipment and automotive manufacturing, to pharmaceuticals and farming, having real-time data at your fingertips ensures that you can make better decisions faster.

Mwendo Dot Net is your partner to achieving IoT success. We work with you to identify the key areas of your business that can benefit from an IoT strategy, and help you select and configure the hardware and software required to reach greater profitability and performance.

4 Simple Steps To Improved Performance


Connect your equipment and machinery with our wide range of sensors and gateways, and start capturing data immediately.


Real-time monitoring solutions allows you and your team to keep up-to-date with your plant's actual performance.


Compare your real-time and historical data quickly and easily with powerful analytics software, and take the risk out of your decisions.


Feed decisions back to your team and your machines, in real-time with a range of control solutions for optimising your plant.